Ava, on recovery

 Ava: Artist Statement


I painted my body floating above the clouds, like I’m flying. This symbolizes the state of being high but no longer enjoying it. It represents the point at which you have been using for so long that you become a viewer of your life, watching it go by, as you continually use different substances, trying to get away from your own reality.


In the painting, I’m wearing the outfit I wore on the last day I used heroin and the first day of my sobriety, which I am continuing in my recovery. There are track marks on my arms and feet, and hanging from my leg is a chain that ties me to the needle. Although I am overlooking my life in this image, I am still dependent on a substance that is tying me down, or flying with me. This painting depicts the transition between rock bottom and resurrection/rebirth. It is in the moment that you are still tied to the substance that has long controlled you, you can see your life for what it really has become.


I hope that people who see this know that you have the choice to detach from the substance, but only once you see your life and your journey for what it truly is. Are you willing to take that step? Are you willing to fly without that crutch?