Carol, remembering her son Will

Carol C: Artist Statement

My son Will lost his life to opioid abuse 4 years ago when he was 19 years old. He was alone in his college dorm room. He was the center of our family with his wild, wonderful creative spirit for fun and kindness. Will adored the outdoors and loved to climb mountains. He never seemed to get tired from it—he was the picture of health and vigor. He loved his siblings with the same kind of over the top enthusiasm. He has an older sister, Diana, and three younger brothers, Kevin Michael and Patrick, who all adored him. It seemed as though the entire family revolved around him because of his magnetic personality. The pouch in the piece held his treasures when he was a little boy. We got it on a family vacation to New Hampshire. Now it seems to hold on to all of our memories of him that we treasure so much.