Containing Addiction

As a part of HUBweek 2017, The Opioid Project, Health Story Collaborative, The Mass General Hospital Center for Community Health Improvement, the Charlestown Coalition and the Artists Group of Charlestown worked together to facilitate an interactive art and storytelling event open to the public on City Hall Plaza. Group collages were created and audio interviews were recorded. Here, you can view the collages and listen to an audio montage which captures the voices of many diverse individuals touched by addiction. 

Interviews recorded by Anne Brewster of Health Story Collaborative. Co-produced by Annie Brewster (Health Story Collaborative) and Dave Goodman (I.B.I.S. Radio, Jamaica Plain, MA).



1. Knyaz Mishkin, "Kola" (CC Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike via

2. Martin Rach and His Imaginary Band, "Horns of Dionysus" (CC Attribution NC SA via

3. Jason Pfaff, "Green Room" (CC Attribution NC SA

4. Art of Escapism, "Abandoned Space" (CC Attribution NC SA via