Copy of Tereza, first-responder

Tereza, first-responder

When I first discovered that my life was about to change because of the disease of addiction, I broke a beautiful frame containing a family photo. This painting represents the pain of that moment, the shattering of that beauty, the broken glass that fills the lives of those of us who love someone struggling with addiction. The words scattered across the canvas speak to the way I felt for a long time while I watched my child’s father struggle. Scattered throughout this piece are fragments of a garment that brings me back to that time. Like the shards of glass, it represents the brokenness that I have felt. At the center of this piece is a shining sun and a glittering heart, which represents the love for my son that has endured through this all, and the light of hope that I can send out to others, without forgetting the grace and humility that remains within me. In my work as a nurse, I also see that my story is like many other people’s stories, and that there are so many people who feel this kind of brokenness.